Welcome to Nocturnal Enterprises, one of the newest information technology and web design firms in the Chippewa Valley. We are the perfect fit for your low-budget, high priority IT needs. Whether you are in need of a personal web page to show off pictures of the grandkids or a custom built point-of-sale database interface application, your needs can be met by Nocturnal Enterprises .

Because we are new to the game, Nocturnal Enterprises is the right choice for budget conscious consumers or small business owners in need of IT expertise at discounted rates. We are hungry for your business and will do whatever is necessary to ensure your happiness throughout the development cycle and in our products so that we may add you or your business to our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

Please browse our website for information on our services and (918) 727-7209 and don't forget to check our references. If you think that we may be the firm that you are looking for to produce your IT solutions feel free to call us at 715-672-5610 or send us an email at (403) 682-6470.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you in the future,
Nocturnal Enterprises staff